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Comment from: Ruth [Visitor]
Where does bisexuality fall on this scale?

Sante responds: The studies I discuss are treating of predilection toward same-sex attraction, which certainly encompasses bisexuality.
01/26/11 @ 15:18
Comment from: Nowishow [Visitor]
Maybe a poll might be fun!

Sante responds:
You sent me your own personal data, and I'm not publishing it: No poll here. I'm no expert in this field, nor do I know how to conduct a proper poll. But thanks for your willingness to participate.

01/27/11 @ 17:39
Comment from: Colleen [Visitor] Email
There's a saying " genes load the gun environment pulls the trigger."
There are so many multi-gene issues or diseases
Finding A "gay gene" seems highly unlikely. However, one may be predisposed to any number of things and may or may not express them.
Hope no one is looking to find a gene that they can turn off. Open mindedness, understanding and compassion all would be in everyone's best interest.

01/30/11 @ 06:17

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