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Comment from: Tom M [Member] Email
Hi Connie, I didn't see you mention by name the "Lyme Aid" treatment for Lyme Disease by Dr. D'Adamo. I hope you had a chance to read it.

The link for those who have not is: http://theubshift.blogspot.com/2010/09/any-naturopathic-doctor-practicing-in.html
10/15/10 @ 23:54
Comment from: victoria [Visitor] Email
I've come to believe that my ego was Deconstructed during my illness many years ago. It was humbling, to say the least. It took some time for the process of Reconstruction to take place; But I came through it with a new and stronger self-respect and self-confidence.
10/19/10 @ 17:55
Comment from: Connie [Visitor]
Thanks for the link Tom! I'm taking Polyflora and lots of fish oils as well as many herbal remedies (I take a handful of pills three times a day, no antibiotics). But, I'm really interested in the "Security" supplement. I'll talk to my ND and see if it's ok to add it.

Victoria - I enjoyed your comment. I guess illness can be a blessing!

10/19/10 @ 18:56
Comment from: Joe [Visitor]
The body definitely does store emotions related to illnesses or trauma... To fully heal, we do need to release the stored emotions (and forgive trespassers) as well as clean any stored toxins that are related... Healing is a complex business...
10/22/10 @ 11:40

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