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Comment from: vinnie mirchandani [Visitor]
Very nice.

I am author of a new book titled The New Polymath. It is full of examples of "compund innovation" - 3,5, 10 strands of infotech, healthtech, nanotech etc and about how enterprises are learning many of those technologies, polymath style. The focus of my book is polymath teams and enterprises, not individuals but on my book tour I am getting many questions "how do I personally become a polymath?" and I give them some of your answers - aim high, be curious, relish complexity, but deliver simplicity, the polymaths of old were also philosophers so don't forget ethics in tech etc...in addition I feed the need to tell them - don't beat yourself up if are a specialist and cannot diversify much. Even in the European Renaissance which had many polymaths, they were less than 5% of the population. Learn to become part of polymath teams - each a specialist in something different...don;t just hang around your exact types or in the same location all the time.
09/07/10 @ 11:16

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