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Comment from: Edwina [Visitor]
Interesting indeed that the year you were born was the same year, at the age of fourteen, that I took it upon myself to ask my pharmacist brother for vitamins to take because I had been sick three different times that winter with these terrible colds. The multi-vitamin he gave me was one with 500 mgs. of Vitamin C and all the B Vitamins. That was the beginning of my fascination with vitamins and nutrition. I was still taking the same vitamins when I married and my husband started taking them too. His grandfather who lived to be 95 was all into organic gardening and Robert Rodelle during those early years, and I was introduced to all that. More fascination!!

BTW, when my husband was getting his MS degree in the early sixties, I remember only too well those "refrigerator" computers that coughed and choked and clanked it seemed like for hours before they finally gave up something. Ah, but those were some wonderful days, slow computers and all! :-)
06/20/08 @ 16:14
Comment from: Yael [Visitor]
Good to remember! I actually earned part of my living as a student back in the early 70's feeding those 'refregirators' at the university computer center with boxes of punched cards, while the technicians from inside the computer room would cry back "re-read, re-read!" every 5 minutes, and trying to calm down the learnt end-users who had been waiting for their printouts for hours on end, often only to receive 'error in programming'.
06/21/08 @ 07:33

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