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Comment from: Joanie Kirk ND [Visitor]
Hi Peter,
Long time....
I remember the first burger I had after years of being vegetarian. Had lived in a mostly vegetarian commune in the 80's and was doing a lot of physical work one summer and felt very depleted. I started 'craving' red meat, and actually snuck out with another woman at the commune and went and had a nice big juicy organic burger with a salad....... OMG!!
My energy started to even out more, and from then on.... salad and a steak is my body's favorite meal. THanks for all you do....
05/31/10 @ 13:56
Comment from: Sharon [Visitor]
I never get tired of hearing success stories with this diet. Each story is unique and compelling. What a difference personalized nutrition can make. Sometimes it's the simplest things that make the biggest difference.
09/27/10 @ 22:39
Comment from: Judy [Visitor]
I have finally stopped eating meat (again) after my daughter read to me the slaughterhouse chapter on cows. I also saw the Paul McCartney video of a cow with its head half cut strung from the ceiling but clearly still alive, trying despererately to save itself. Watch it, if you can. Modern factory farms are filthy breeding grounds of bacteria and animals are literally tortured most of their lives for our eating pleasure.

I am a type O, and for years, whenever I ate meat, a burger, a sandwich, my throat would constrict. Tighten, burn, hurt. I could barely swallow, but would persevere, and after a few almost impossible to eat bites, the sensation would stop. Also, for years I'd cough whenever I ate. And diarrhea if I ate beef a few days in a row. BUT everyone told me: you are a type O, you HAVE to eat meat. And: It's the WHEAT that is your problem. I am most likely allergic to wheat, and have limited it. But I've NEVER had the throat closing reaction to a peace of ww toast. I do get an acid stomach from it, but since I've stopped eating meat, I don't even get THAT and my cough is nearly gone! My husband even noticed it!

Oh, and I had gone on a meat and vegetable diet a few years ago for weight loss, gave up almost all wheat, all sugar, and ate mostly veggies and meat. I did this for about 6 months and found my anxiety level going through the roof. I ended up NOT sleeping for a full week. I tried all the herbs, sleep tapes, etc. Finally I gave in and ate some carbs. I read later that my "ideal" type O diet of meat and veggies could cause in most people anxiety and insomnia! I am now careful with wheat consumption, and do not eat sugar (hell, it will be all GMO in a year anyway), and I feel great!

I feel liberated from years of guilt, every time I would look at my pet bunnies, I'd apologize for eating meat, even tho' I never ate rabbit, and I picked and chose what animals I'd eat. I love all animals, and I feel SO MUCH better NOT eating them! I found humanely raised meat for my husband and son, but am not tempted. I just think of that cow, dying, and have no desire to eat her.
02/26/11 @ 16:07

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