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I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Hi Connie, Get better real soon! It really takes coming at it from all sides. I was so freaked out by what I saw online when I first was diagnosed that I started interviewing Lyme doctors myself, and recording the interviews for others in my shoes. You seem to have a good head start, just keep the faith. You can beat this thing. I am also 51, btw, and these days I am in better shape than before I got so sick.

05/27/10 @ 15:52
Comment from: Joanne [Visitor] ·
Hi Connie

I am sorry to hear you have been diagnosed with Lyme Disease it can be a complicated disease to treat especially when you have had it for some time. Some of the lyme patients I have been in touch with have had heart problems which must be very frightening.

It sounds like it is your local hospital that has picked up on this which is great but just be sure they don't stop antibiotics after a short course and say all gone now it probably will not go so easily.

It is good to make contact wioth your nearest lyme group and check out Burrascano or iLADS guidelines at www.ilads.og

Sadly with all the controversy about diagnosis and treatment patients all over the world are struggling twice over once with the disease and again with the number of doctors that failed to diagnose them.

Thankfully I am nearly 100% now after 6 1/2 year illness and retired on ill health grounds.

Do your research well so you can best advocate for what treatment helps you. Good luck
05/28/10 @ 11:36
Comment from: victoria [Visitor]
Connie, knowledge is power, and even though we may get information that we don't want to hear at the time, I am convinced that a correct diagnosis will lead you back into good health again. Stay calm and confident. Your persistence will pay off.
06/02/10 @ 00:31
Comment from: Janet [Visitor] ·
I am glad you found a specialist who did the testing necessary to diagnose your lyme disease. How did you find this specialist? I am living in Georgia and have had symptoms of Lyme disease and cannot find a physician who will perform the tests needed to diagnose chronic lyme disease. Can you give me any information regarding this specialist? I wish you the best with your treatment. Janet

Hi Janet,

I'm in CA so I don't know any Lyme Literate Doctors in Georgia. But here's a couple of websites that might help you find a doctor.

Sometimes it's a little hard finding doctor, but be persistant. The first doctor I found was over a 3 hour drive each way. Now I only have to drive 45 minutes. Good luck! There is help out there including lots of good books with remedy advice.



11/04/10 @ 02:23
Comment from: Paul [Visitor]
What is your blood type?
Did you have your tonsiles removed?
At what age?
My daughter developed Lyme at 20, 5 years after she had her tonsils removed.

I believe research will show those who have tonsils removed have higher rates of Lyme.

Hi Paul,

My blood type is B+ and I still have my tonsils. But I think you may be on to something.


05/26/12 @ 21:05

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