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Comment from: victoria [Visitor]
You're reminding me of how I love the windy, chilly, wild Oregon coast! No basking on the white sands of a tropical beach for this Nomad.
04/16/10 @ 15:13
Comment from: HenrietteBsec [Visitor]
Intersting post
While I am nomad according to book
- I ended up in Explorer group when I swamied( about 37 % )

However one of things that made me rather sure I was Nomad ws the effect of weather on me.
I am really sensitive to it- can feel it change without listening to the news.

While weather in Denmark changes a lot :)
it is nothing compared to when I lived in Ireland.
And I loooove when weather changes
- I love when it finally rains after weeks of dry weather .
This winter has been very weird in DK
almost 3 months with non stop frost and snow - (normally winters are fairly green and grey here
- with spells of snow)
- and i got so fed up with the stability of weather.
So while I am sensitive to storms coming- I must admit I love when weather is wild:)

About the MS - I am thinking lack of viamin D.

People used to get a fair ammount of vitamin D from fat dairy, codliver ( traditionally eaten in theese parts)- but the last 50 years the D from food has dropped a lot = when You live in a area wih little sunshine you´ll lack more vitamin D
04/21/10 @ 05:47
Comment from: Blossom Kawahara [Visitor]
Born and raised in Hawaii as a nomad. love the tropical storms. I dance to thunder and lightening is that crazy or what! High surf, driving from below sea level to 10,000 ft. in a couple of hours. talk about pressure. Don't like to sunbathe but if i do go to the beach i need to dive in deep water where it's cool. Yes, my ancestor arrived from England, I'm part Hawaiian and sensitive to the sun.
04/04/12 @ 18:57

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