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Comment from: Tom M [Member] Email
It must be another Nonnie thing. I have the same problem finging the obvious even though my eyes say it is not there. I will not see something if you say it's red and it turns out be be blue. If you give me directions and you say to look for a red brick building and it's a red steel warehouse building, forget about it. If something is not where it supposed to be- I will not find it easily.
04/11/10 @ 23:28
Comment from: Sharon [Visitor]
Andrea, what a thoughtful post. I never saw the arrow in the FedEX logo but I'm thankful that I saw the wisdom in Dr. D'Adamo's work immediately. It's hard sometimes to "know what we don't know."
04/12/10 @ 10:00
Comment from: admin [Member]
Andrea, I really enjoyed reading this. I like the direction your writing style is headed.
04/12/10 @ 14:31
Comment from: Debra+ [Visitor]
Andrea...great blog girl. My hubby, also, has the same form of blindness that Jeff has...the fridge, sock, etc., something on the floor or rug, etc. Didn't see the arrow either, but I do know where things are in the fridge, etc. you, I was also one of the lucky ones to get Eat Right right away. you most of my family doesn't get it or see it either. I have learned that we are here to help those who are ready to be helped and others will live their way no matter what. We all grow in our own ways. Thanks to Dr. D ours is less painful. (((((Big hugs))))
04/26/10 @ 22:26
Comment from: Cristina [Visitor] Email
Andrea, excellent blog!! I did not see the arrow either, no surprise there, I do not need to see it to believe it, I just need to 'feel' it. Like you I got it from the moment I got near and rain or shine, the conviction is secure in me!! What a nice way of describing the blindness affecting the less fortunate that deny themselves the chance of a healthier life! Looking forward to your next blog!!
04/28/10 @ 07:07
Comment from: Angela [Visitor]
Dig this post. Aptly put. Look forward to reading more of your blog.

Though I have a high convincer level; I knew there was something to it. The discipline aspect and really wanting to make the changes took a longer time.

Took me about a year after seeing my gluten lines while listening to Genotype Diet on CD to get tested for gluten. Wasn't ready to give it up.

I was like, "Oh, I see that pile of laundry over there, but if I just put my hands over my eyes, maybe it'll go away." : ) Denile. Chosen blindness.
05/16/10 @ 04:26

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