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Comment from: Tom Haws [Visitor] Email · http://www.hawsedc.com
Thanks so much for blogging. And thanks for sharing courageously! I love this entry. I only started testing the GT3 Teacher diet a couple of weeks ago after a 12 day water fast, and the probiotic info and recommendations and everything else has just been wonderful and incredibly fun!
05/03/10 @ 09:28
Comment from: Virginia Stutesman [Visitor]
I haven't been on the D'Adamo site for some time, and I'm ashamed! I would like to come back and perhaps try a blog of my experiences w/my rare genetic disorder, Periodic paralysis, if anyone is interested. I do know that I do better when following the Genotype diet the best I can on my meager income.
10/16/10 @ 15:39

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