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Comment from: Diana [Visitor]
The peanut sauce sounds like a good idea. I'll try that too. Anything to cover up the taste. I found a recipe for baked tempeh..I'll give it to you also.
03/13/10 @ 08:48
Comment from: Sante [Member]
Hi: A few years back I blogged on this: As a restaurant chef, I found that customers loved it when I'd baked or fried the tempeh first, i.e., BEFORE marinating it. This "holds it together" and imparts a nutty or interesting base flavor, depending upon what you use. See if you can find that in my archives; if not, you can pm me for some tips.
03/18/10 @ 16:50
Comment from: Sante [Member]
Hi: I found the archived blog. It's called "On Tempeh and Tempi", 9/19/06. Hope you like it.
03/18/10 @ 16:56
Comment from: brandi [Visitor] Email
I didnt know this was difficult to taste good. The first time we purchased, we cut into strips like chicken fries. fried in canola, after two sides were lighty fried I shaked soy sauce over everything, fried the other two sides, and dipped in dressing of choice depending on blood type. but I think a sweet berry sauce would be a great salty sweet snack for all.
06/23/12 @ 22:54

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