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Comment from: Jenny [Visitor]
The breath hydrogen device sounds like a great machine.

I can relate to this...very true!

"you don't eat out, never go to the movies, and your hair color comes in a box, this is your hobby, enjoy it."
01/16/10 @ 19:15
Comment from: Jenny Dohner [Visitor]
Hey Andrea,

This is very interesting. Very cool that you hunted that instrument down and actually found one that inexpensive and in such great condition! And you did a great job at explaining how it works. I guess there are "normal" H levels? So, could you also check to see if someone, like yourself, whose been on the proper diet for a long time, has normal bact. levels? Or do you need to just see "changes"? So, when are you bringing it down here? I have some nerve, I know. I soooo don't deserve for you to put out that effort until I make the effort to at least send you my fingerprints! OK, I'm going to read the TIME article now :)
01/17/10 @ 16:09
Comment from: online auctions [Visitor] ·
It arrived as stated in the auction, in perfect condition and with a working battery. I confess, I had a few moments before it arrived, where I thought, “am I nuts” buying this thing but I would immediately console myself with, "you don't eat out, never go to the movies, and your hair color comes in a box, this is your hobby, enjoy it."
01/28/10 @ 10:40
Comment from: Gillian [Visitor]
Thank-you so much for the explanation. You have an excellent way of explaining things.
02/19/10 @ 17:17

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