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Comment from: Yaman [Visitor]
As one of our great poets stated:
"you shall walk alone on the path you think is right"

But then, as a humble Liverpool FC fan, I'd like to add:

"You'll never walk alone"

Thank you for this excellent discourse..

11/24/09 @ 11:57
Comment from: jayney [Visitor]
Here's to the free marketplace of ideas!
11/24/09 @ 15:24
Comment from: Paul C. [Visitor]
Much wisdom, well timed.

I just do not understand how such a lawsuit could take so long. The fiscal penalty for such actions should recompense the innocent for the monetary cost of the defence.

Reimbursement for time and worry, however, will be concurrent with a flock of pigs.
11/25/09 @ 17:21
Comment from: BearHunter [Visitor] Email
Thank you very much, Peter!
It's not a surprise, that it's you made this comment. Openmindness, Faifh and Enciclopedical Education all create an Enciclopedical Way of Mind which is the only opposition to the stupidity of propaganda.
But they need the propaganda, because it's cheep, fast and profitable in the world of fools. And fools they made with all their greed.
And, of course, they hate you - with you idea of Happy Life for All through Faith, Health and Nowlege.
It's too simple, too 'basic' for their propaganda.
Your Mind made the bricks for a cosy cottage - not the steel-concrete-glass walls for the proud and expensive skyscreper they enjoy for theirselves.
You have Faith, Family and a lot of Good Friends to live and fight along for basics of life - for Happiness. Thanks and good luck.
12/11/09 @ 03:36

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