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Comment from: Ronnie G. [Visitor]
I loved this article. What a great way to describe RNA: as "The Queen".

Just as in the game of chess, the Queen is the truly active one who makes things happen.

Once again, great article.
07/14/08 @ 06:26
Comment from: Mayflowers [Visitor]
"The RNA Queen is so basic to life that many scientists think that perhaps life originated with it, and not with DNA: That DNA came along later as a way to 'memorialize' the work of RNA"

This summed it up the best for me..

Lovely picture of you and the Mrs. !

Thanks Dr. D.
07/14/08 @ 09:42
Comment from: adam [Visitor]
I read your post, and I quote, "Protein represents what biologists call phenotype – the living, breathing, metabolizing part of life."

Strictly speaking you are incorrect. Otherwise you must cite a reference or source to make me accept this (however illogical I may appear).

Why are you incorrect? Phenotype is the vague notion of the expression of a gene such as eye color, ear lobe connection to the cheek/face, or more importantly, pathology or "risk factor".

Further, "Protein" does not "represent" anything. It's simply a combination of amino acids--it's not a metaphor!

But you are awesome in your deployment of information that is relevant and non-subservient to the status-quo--(i.e. You are trustworthy and sincere).

That aside, may I suggest that you adopt a person who helps you filter your communiques towards your achievement of your goal?

Thank you for your contributions,

Hi Adam,

The arrangement and structure of proteins (and their subsequent interactions as enzymes with other organic chemical classes, such as carbohydrates and fats) does represent the phenotypic expression of an organism. However, you are just as correct with your own definitions as well. It's just that mine is not incorrect (see; Dawkins, The Extended Phenotype).

Be well,

07/19/08 @ 01:13

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