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Comment from: Allison [Visitor] Email
So does this mean that a barbecue that uses natural charcoal is out for a's and ab's? Not nasty briquets, but natural chunk charcoal. Does that count as smoking?
Yes, unfortunately even real wood charcoal releases PAHs.
26/10/09 @ 19:49
Comment from: Dean [Visitor]
Dear Dr. Greenfield,

I have been a Type 4 diet follower for many years and find it has helped. Something I have observed and have questions about is, where are the lectins present in foods, and has there been any micro analyzation into this. For example: Type B should avoid consumption of olives, yet, olive oil tests as beneficial. So problem causing lectins are existing somewhere else in the fruit or the process of making the oil renders them harmless. Tomatoes should be avoided by type B as well. Has any research been done to determine if the lectins are contained in the friut as a whole, or are they localized in the skin or seeds of the tomato. As well has any research looked into what effect the heat from cooking would have on lectin content in fruits and vegetables. And finally is there any effect on lectin levels in foods when combined. Have lectin combinations been researched? Example: What would be the reaction if lectins from the tomato were combined with the lectins from garlic, then tested for blood type reactions. These questions have been plaguing on me for a couple of years now. Dr. Naboru Muramoto, in his book "Healing Ourselves" suggests eating certain foods with animal proteins can minimize the deteriorating effects associated with the consumption of animal proteins. He believes these certain foods help usher out toxins present. He also believes that the western diet includes an over consumption of animal proteins.

The Blood Type Diet uses incompatible blood-type specific lectins as one of the reasons for certain foods to be classed as avoid or beneficial for individuals of particular blood types. Details of where the lectin is found is listed in Lecster, the searchable lectin database. The GenoType Diet, using the new SWAMI GenoType™ software, can be programmed to recommend combining of foods, called GenoHarmonic combinations, which will upregulate whatever metabolic pathway is deficient in individuals of that particular GenoType (methylation, ubiquinilation, histone function or glycation removal) as well as taking lectin compatibility and other blood type factors into account. This is a much more precise way of combining foods for effects specific to the individual, as well as being constantly updated with the latest research. The professional version of SWAMI XPress, SWAMI GenoType™ is available from selected IfHI certified practitioners.

The over-consumption of animal proteins is a broad statement, which should take into account several factors, such as:

* Does the consumer have a metabolism geared up for animal protein consumption?
* Does the animal protein come from wild, free-range or grass-fed sources?
* Is the type of protein compatible with the blood type of the individual?

28/11/09 @ 12:30
Comment from: Custom Term papers [Visitor]
A great article indeed and a very detailed, realistic and superb analysis of the current and past scenarios. I would like to thank the author of this article for contributing such a lovely and mind-opening article.
02/12/09 @ 05:31
Comment from: Cooking crab legs [Visitor]
Great article.
24/12/09 @ 20:20
Comment from: Akande Gbola [Visitor] ·
Is there any effect of PAHs on the nutritional value of smoked fish?
PAHs reduce the nutritional value of the fish because you will need more antioxidants and use more resources to counteract the negative effects of the PAHs on the body. Tom.
24/05/10 @ 04:10
Comment from: health vitamins [Visitor]
Eek, I didn't know all all about that just by smoking your meat or fish. It's something I really like to do, especially when I am barbequing. D:

I'm sure that all of these effects are relatively minor in the end, but I think that if I do eat a lot of smoked meat off the barbeque, then I'll hold off on them...
13/06/10 @ 13:24
Comment from: allergy reseach group. [Visitor]
wow really? real wood charcoal releases pahs? wow.. that such a surprise to me and all along i thought it was okay to use real wood charcoal. that's not good at all!!
22/07/10 @ 20:23
Comment from: Erika [Visitor]
Pretty impressive article. I just stumbled upon your site and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your opinions. Any way I’ll be coming back and I hope you post again soon.
16/11/10 @ 04:05

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