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Comment from: Laurie Cranton [Visitor] Email
In Fall 1997, first time I sipped little bit of Barq root beer and it triggered headache right away. I drink other A & W Root Beer no problem. I don't drink any pop very often (rarely). Why Barq root beer do not agree with me? Laurie Cranton
06/02/09 @ 22:55
Comment from: Tamara (B-secretor) [Visitor] Email
O.K. I eat Bryers Lactose-free Vanilla. I've compared the ingredients to the TypeBase 4 and they look fine for a Type B secretor, to me. Have I missed something? I thought I saw somewhere that Dr. D'Adamo took mixed foods off the lists and said check the ingredients of a product to determine it's status. Am I mistaken?


09/11/09 @ 03:33

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