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Comment from: Tom Martens [Visitor] Email
I might not have given you enough to decide to allow me to be a blogger on what I think is an important website/way of life, but I think I might be able to help others if given the chance.


Tom Martens
03/30/09 @ 00:07
Comment from: Ray Shirley [Visitor] Email
I believe that my recent coffee colonics have relieved my lower back pain. By removing the "stuff" that was clogging the pores in my large intestine, the intestine regained some flexibility and no longer puts pressure on my spine when I bend forward. This was a problem for the last 30 years. I wonder what that "stuff" was and how many other people suffer from this.
04/19/09 @ 11:15
Comment from: Alina Wreczycki [Visitor] Email
Hi Dr. D'Adamo and Friends,
Thank you so much for hosting your new store Grand Opening on Saturday, June 6, 2009. We sincerely looked forward to taking a nice drive from northern Rhode Island to your Wilton, CT location. We were greeted by very pleasant and helpful staff and met Dr. D'Adamo in person. We have been dreaming about it since early 1996 when my older son and I started the diet. I then married my husband and 5 years ago we had a boy. We are all BT A positive, and my husband and I are secretors. When the boys get more mature, we will administer the secretor test to them as well since it is quite challenging to collect the necessary saliva sample without creating a lot of foam. We enjoyed the event immensely. Your grounds are beautiful and welcoming. The store is as meticulous as your work. Your presentation was extremely interesting, and the book signing session allowed us to get introduced, and we realized that you are so approachable. We enjoyed and appreciated the snacks and a very personal welcome from your wife, Martha. We look forward to seeing you again when an opportunity presents itself in the future. Best regards - Alina and Family
06/23/09 @ 13:09

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