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Comment from: Kate [Member] Email
My right eye is a bit nearsighted and my left eye is a bit farsignted, however I don't yet need glasses. I bought an eye patch and started covering my right eye while reading to make my left eye get some training and it has indeed worked to improve my left near vision.

This is just to say that there are several solutions to any problem. I've heard about exercises people can do to improve vision and reduce prescriptions (I know one guy who swears by this) and also have heard that eating a healthy diet and detoxing can help too (and I have another friend who had very bad/nearly legally blind vision who changed his diet and did a lot of cleansing who has succeeded in improved his vision and changing his prescription).

Hopefully you have a good natural health practitioner to offer some solutions!
04/12/08 @ 11:02
Comment from: ABJoe [Visitor]
I had a lazy eye at two different times and used exercises to strengthen the eye muscles so I didn't need the glasses. Now unless I get really tired, I have great vision.

Did you ask the Doc if exercise would help strengthen and coordinate your eye muscles?
05/12/08 @ 01:41

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