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Comment from: Judith Robertson [Visitor]
Some other suggestions that worked well in my classroom: Moving books from shelf to shelf or room to room ( a basket of books that need to be returned to the library) moving furniture to clean under or behind (sweeping or if old enough vacumming) Any gardening work outside: raking leaves, moving rocks for a garden border and rearranging them as the children like, snow shoveling in winter, sledding in winter requires the sleds be pulled back up the hill Carrying the bucket with birdseed to refill the birdfeeders I worked with young children (3-6) and they loved these chores of taking care of the classroom. Also things like spool knitting and sewing were popular (keeping their fingers moving kept their bodies still while listening to a book being read)Boys particularly liked the weaving and spool knitting. At a conference I went to, suggested a firm foot massage before bed helped with sleeping. My children are grown so I tried it on myself and it works. You are listening to your children and their needs. YOU are a wonderful mother!
11/18/08 @ 07:48

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