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Comment from: Peppermint Twist [Visitor]
Awesome blog, Tom, tell it like it is! Lola from the forum pointed me in the direction of your blog after I posted about the blatent conflict of interest in the funding of this study and how it is representative of what so often goes on with Big Pharma, these "studies" and the media. Your blog really supplies a lot of specific details and enraging points that I didn't have in my post, and I thank you for putting it all out there for the world to see. Too bad blogs don't get as much attention as headline feature news stories all over the evening news, which sang the praises of this study and the results to high heaven. I wonder who funds the network news...could it be the same people who funded the studies?

Caveat emptor!
11/11/08 @ 12:34
Comment from: Lillie Smith [Visitor]
Thank you Tom,
Over 25 years ago my mother was hospitalized for septicemia and because her CRP was elevated she was put in ICU with heart patients. I asked if the staff if they thought she had had a heart attack or stroke and "oh no. its what we do if CRPs elevated even though its likely something else." All she needed was a room, and care to get rid of the infection. I am sure Medicare/sec. ins were charged a lot more this way. I don't remember the what the charges were.
11/11/08 @ 13:59
Comment from: Conrad [Visitor] Email
If inflammation is the culprit of blocked arteries, then the Blood Type Diet should be of great value in reducing inflammation. The tremendous value of the BTD is that it attacks the root cause of inflammation and is not a bandaid. I also have personal experience of the severe side effects of statins. My muscles, endurance and strength have greatly deteriorated. This includes using red yeast rice which is the same chemistry as statins. I shudder everytime I see red yeast rice being offered for sale across the counter. AVOID STATINS LIKE THE PLAGUE! Namaste
11/11/08 @ 18:20
Comment from: admin [Member]
Thanks for such a helpful blog Doctor Thom.
12/11/08 @ 11:26
Comment from: inthegarden [Visitor]
I was placed on Crestor 10mg M-W-F six months ago and my most recent labs revealed prediabetes (previously normal) I have just stopped the drug. I will not trade one disease for another.
02/06/09 @ 08:22
Comment from: Tom [Member] Email
Here's another message from a former victim of Crestor:

I just read your article and said hooray! Someone recognizes the Crestor danger! 3 years ago, my cholesterol was 220-my MD gave me samples of Crestor. Within days I experienced terrible pain in my pancreas,liver area radiating up into my back. The pain grew worse every day-after 5 days my doctor sent me to the emergency room - pancreas and liver tested normal, no muscle tests done. I stopped the Crestor and all the pain went away over the course of 2 or 3 days. One year later I was rushed to the hospital with blood sugar over 550 and sudden traumatic type 1 diabetes. I am now insulin dependent. There is no diabetes in my family and I was not overweight. The only connection to this sudden type 1 is the incredible pain I had suffered one year earlier caused by my bodies reaction to the Crestor. The Crestor compromised my pancreas, my beta cells were gradually destroyed and I have type 1. I know that in my case the Crestor and my bodies reaction to it directly caused me to contract type 1 diabetes. I am so glad that you recognize the Crestor-diabetes connection and hope you continue to make your voice heard. I have reported my history to the FDA and to Johns Hopkins Health Alerts and have been met with silence.
02/06/09 @ 08:45
Comment from: M.Cawdery [Visitor]
In fact, though the way the data was reported was carefully arranged to obscure this finding, it appears that while there were indeed slightly less than half as many heart attacks within the group taking Crestor, there were more fatal heart attacks in the group taking Crestor.

The way that this is reported is thus in Table 3:

Nonfatal myocardial infarction: Crestor 22 Placebo 62
Any myocardial infarction: Crestor 31 Placebo 68

Subtract Nonfatal myocardial infarctions from Any myocardial infarctions and you get Fatal Myocardial infarctions, a statistic which is NOT reported in the list of "end points." But simple math gives us the information that there were 9 fatals in the Crestor group as opposed to 6 in the placebo group.

A great reason to end the trial. While not significant, this relative rate approaches significance at five years (significant with a one-tail t-test) significant at 7 years, highly significant at 10 and at 20 years there are so many "0" after the decimal point that even the X-spurts would have to accept it.
With Baycol already banned what better reason to terminate? Big Pharma is generally more concerned about the bottom line than lives - vide VIOXX
27/12/09 @ 12:43

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