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Comment from: Helen Combes [Visitor] Email
Hi Bec,

Identify strongly with your dilemna re BTD vs GTD. As you said in a previous post it could be a good thing or a very dangerous thing.(Partic w your digestive problems). For me (same BT as you, same carb cravings) I find I can go overboard after missing "cruncy carb food" on even the BT allowable grains. Yesterday I devised a fantastic "rice flour; arrowroot;ground almond" cracker" but I must have eaten too many in preference to the good ole' meat n salad scenario as I am up 0.4kg on the scales (Not a drama, unless I continue this way ea day)
There is a link on the community forums to determine if you should BTD or GTD and both times I did it I got pointed back to BTD. As you would think it'd benefit Dr D'Adamo to advise the opposite in terms of book sales so I do trust it.
Hope that helps & good luck,
P.S will try emailing this to you as it takes a while to get these "approved"
08/11/08 @ 15:29
Comment from: Melissa [Member] Email
You may just want to start gradually and add in some of the explorer superfoods that aren't big blood type avoids. Of course, going all out is good too, as long as you work within your knowledge of known food reactions. Some unusual detox symptoms are fairly common for explorers at first, although in my case they're trivial. I have much more energy, resilience and better immunity now that I'm eating as an explorer. I'm not trying to lose weight yet, just trying to gain strength and health, so I eat as much as I want of the diamond superfoods, while also working on the exercise guidelines.
10/11/08 @ 01:54

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