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Comment from: Aprilshowers [Visitor]
AMEN! I have found myself doing dame grocery-cart surveying while shopping and having learned the hard way how to thoroughly read food labels have been educating those around me as well. My mom recently told me about this wonderful dark chocolate that she has been eating that is sooo good for her. I asked her what the ingredients were and got the blank look. We found it together and read the label - #1 ingredient was sugar. How on earth could dark chocolate be sooo good without sugar?!
10/19/08 @ 11:57
Comment from: Nan [Visitor]
Ha, Andrea, I do the same thing! At Sam's Club, I look in the cart of the people who need the electric chair carts, and when I seen the amount of wheat and corn containing foods I just want to put my arm around them and say"oh honey, don't do it!"

I don't mean to think 'self-righteously', I am just thankful that I know the better way to eat, and that I feel so good! Then I happily power walk back to the produce section.
10/19/08 @ 23:47
Comment from: Lorraine [Visitor] Email
I am one of those moms! AHHHH! Help! What can you reccommend for the typical school lunch and snack? We need to think outside of the "lunch box" in order to help our kids.
10/29/08 @ 20:41

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