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Comment from: Rafa Saiz Elizondo [Visitor]
Just to say that Basque Country is nowadays splitted between two states, France and Spain, and that Pierre de Lancre worked for the King of France and did his razzias among Basques from Labourd, in the nowadays french side of the new border. There were Basque jesuits form both one and other side evangelizing indians in South America, so they eventually returned back to... Europe, not just to Spain.

Thank you
10/17/08 @ 05:24
Comment from: Dr R. Stankovic [Visitor]
I wonder if any studies have been made in correlation of y-chromosome haplogroups and blood groups/rhesus factor grouping? eg. one hypothesis is that perhaps there might be a high correlation between males that are "O negative" and belong to Haplogroup "I".
12/29/08 @ 07:07

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