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Comment from: Bohemian Chris [Visitor] ·
Beautifully written essay. I had to finally give up on the public debate for now and focus on me. The Wikipedia thing is so depressing, since some Wikibullies pull every small correction I've attempted to make to the Blood Type Diet entry.

I'm reading Spencer Wells Deep Ancestry right now about National Geographics Genographic project. Swab your cheek, pay a hundred bucks, and you can connect with your ancestors. The side benefit is you are contributing to scientists' understanding of the human genome.

I guess there's never a more exciting time to live than right now.

[It is sad on Wikipedia. However, if you complain enough, they will monitor the entry. --PD]
09/23/08 @ 03:06
Comment from: Cocky (A) [Member] Email
Great blog Dr. D!

What I experience in my discussions with clients, friends, collegues is that the quality of our foods is never questioned..
Most people are convinced that our foods, BTD related or not, are perfectly okay... When suggesting to read ingredients before buying, they stare at me in disbelief.. As if I am way too suspicious concerning foods offered.
As if the nutritional industries care for our health and do not have other more urgent priorities in the monetary area..

What I just cannot grasp is that the majority of mankind is so terribly blind, or perhaps too 'sedated'already to observe the things we observe??
Are we, BTD and GTD followers, the only ones connecting food-intake with well-being??

Just my observations.


09/24/08 @ 10:01
Comment from: michele [Visitor]
A great essay, and I am currently studying rehabilitation and counseling at UNC.

I firmly believe there is a correlation of nutrition and individuals with disabilites.. many of my colleagues do not agree with me.

This is irrevelant, but I was wondering if spelt is ok for type o negative or should I stick to no grains at all??


Please email me back with your insight.Thank you in advance.
09/27/08 @ 11:21
Comment from: Michelle r. Taylor [Visitor] Email ·
Dear Dr. D., Hello, I really enjoyed reading your blog, very inspiring and insightful. I have to research my own problem that I have been having for quite some time now. I've been doing research on the internet and come to a conclusion that I have a serious problem with wheat/wheat gluten intolerance and fully believe I have a celiac disorder. I think I have had the problem since Jan. of this year when eating out and ate a meal of wheat pasta with tomato sauce and had a bowl of minestrone soup and afterwards experienced severe nausea with a sick to my stomach feeling, and then from then on when I would eat something with wheat I would get the same nausea feeling and also experience other symptoms as well. So, have learned to avoid wheat and wheat gluten. Quite a challenge. Since I am here on your blog, maybe you can answer me a question, since I have this problem, I have printed out a long list of foods to avoid that I found on the internet, one of which is wheat and barley grass, can I take wheat or barley grass supplements or should I stay away from them? I used to take wheat grass supplements and am thinking I may have to switch to alfalfa instead, suppose to be good for celiacs. Also, what about drinking the green juice, bolthouse farms green goodness, would that be okay as well? You can reply back to me when you have the oppportunity, would appreciate your feedback. I know and realize that you are a very busy person. Thanks, Michelle r. Taylor.
09/30/08 @ 00:00
Comment from: ellie [Visitor]
You might be interested in an endeavour to set up an alternative wiki site for alternative health, called wiki4cam. This was created to counteract the 'wiki bullies' and their misrepresentions.

Understanding 'one size does not fit all' seems so simple once you know, but is no doubt not understood by so many. I am often surprised to find that people have no concept of this. Foods are labelled 'good' or 'bad' for us (and this can change from day to day!) without any understanding that different foods suit different people. Some people seem unable (or unwilling) to equate what they eat or drink to have anything to do with their health, or blindly follow the well-meaning but not necessarily helpful advice of doctors.

We on this site are lucky to have the gift of understanding more about our bodies needs as individuals,to make informed choices, to be empowered to believe in listening to our own bodies, not swerve blindly from one 'miracle' diet to another.

I don't know about anyone else, but it's an ongoing journey for me!
10/02/08 @ 18:35
Comment from: BohemianChris [Visitor] ·
Dear Michelle,
I believe a number of your specific questions about food can be answered here so long as you know your blood type:
If you don't know, in my experience so far (which includes myself and 4 friends) gluten intolerance correlates with type O and B blood. Its best to know for certain of course. I hope this helps.

Also I'm glad to see I may have invented a new meme in the form of "Wikibullies." Let's see if it has comparable cultural success to Dr. D's new word, "yougenics." ;-)

10/02/08 @ 22:05

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