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Comment from: Maria Giovanna [Visitor]
Hi, Sante, yes the smarter and/or younger doctors are more aware of the food/ disease/ blood type connection. I always wondered why the psichiatric literature and quotes on disease, BT and neuroreceptors is not extensively used in their practice by most psychiatrists and psycologists. Those papers and research quoted by dr D have been understood in their deep importance only by Dr D, perhaps because of laziness or ignorance.
I have read a book of two psichiatrist of the Veteran administration, in which experimenting a gluten and dairy free diet lead to no symptoms at all for schisophrenics and the free diet brought them back to their disease and quickly. I hope this research will be reevaluated and will become a good help for mental illnesses, as for body diseases (celiac one is often not diagnosed still today!)
Have a nice week Maria Giovanna
09/21/08 @ 10:18

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