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Comment from: victoria [Visitor] Email
That choice of genotype vs. bloodtype diet is a tricky one, I think. While I experienced immediate feelings of improvement on the BTD, the GTD took several months for my body to adapt. Then, WOW, I started feeling like I am steadily getting younger. Ailments that I wasn't even consciously registering, are dropping away, and even my personality is reshaping itself on the GTD. So, I don't know the answer for anyone else, but for me, it took some patience and a good bit of time.
09/17/08 @ 14:53
Comment from: Henriette [Visitor]
As you know switching from BTD to genotype
has not been easy for me as well
- and I don´t think I´ll ever embrace my Explorer Type as well as I loved being a B secretor.

I guess when there come a GTDbook 2 with updates and subgroups I might get back to it. ;)

I guess the only problem I had with BTD was that I still needed to loose weight- othervise I was so healthy
- so 2-3 months on GTD where I suddenly had sugar swigs again- felt tired and had an upset tummy all the time really made it difficult for me to believe in GTD- as well as the fact that I suddenly felt that my food choises was too restrictive and depressing to follow.
Good luck - Kristin- finding the way that fits YOU :-D
09/20/08 @ 07:26

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