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Comment from: Doug [Visitor]
I have a question about a supplement. I am type B and take a vegetarian protein supplement that has Hemp,Mesquite,Brazil nuts,Maca and Goji berries.Dr. D'Adamo does not mention any of these foods anywhere. Anyone know of information around these foods and blood type reactions???? I love this supplement and want to keep taking it.
27/08/08 @ 12:05
Comment from: Joe [Visitor]
Congrats on getting the farm contracted...

Hopefully you will be able to get the stomach thing under control...

I am having some discomfort due to detox, but my practitioner is able to help me with homeopathic preparations to aid the processing of the toxic components. This reduces the pain and nausea significantly.
27/08/08 @ 15:43
Comment from: Jenny [Visitor] ·
Hi Bec,
nice to read of your enthusiasm and your new farm; are you going to be anywhere near the ACT? There seem to be so few of us in Australia (at least on the Forum. I have written to Eh (Madge) in Wollongong I think, and Sue and Paul in Tasmania used to be very active communicators but I don't see them now.
I was a BTDer until 8 months ago, now on GTD Warrior and doing well. Sorry to hear about your stomach disorder. Changing mine seemed to do the trick, as I previously had a lingering digetive pain in the bile area, and when I found out that chicken should be removed (it had been neutral on the BTD)
all was well.But if you have tested as better on the BTD it would be a hard ask to change.Anyway, as I said, good luck.
30/08/08 @ 16:58
Comment from: Helen Combes [Visitor] Email
Hi Jenny,

Did you get my email sent from the other site? I am a Tasmanian living in NZ Moving back in a year; I have family in Canberra who I visit as often as I can Would you have Sue's or Paul's contact details, as like you I would love to know some more Aussies on or interested in this type of diet.
Cheers, Helen
07/11/08 @ 14:39

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