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Comment from: Joanne Smith Seal [Visitor] Email
I can relate to your blog about lunchrooms. I remember my elementary school lunch cause I often ate off my friends trays the food they did not like. We would daily get little cheese cubes some kind of generic, cheese but I loved them. I'm an O and my parents were poor and we did not often have meat but at lunch if a friend did not eat hers I got it and was thrilled.
Today I teach high school and have been for 30 someodd years, and I eat with a few fellow teachers and they know I am passionate about the BTD and know that it is why I remain thin and healthy but very few will try it. I counsel them and back off when I sense I am getting boring. A few will ask me about it and always they are curious about my strange foods and will taste it. The big drawback I find is the work required for these women who teach, to shop, prepare and cook this way. They don't want to make the time and effort commitment. But food is still the most important topic at lunch and I still get opportunities to inform and teach. Like you, I think I have made an impact on thier lives whether they practice this or not. I am living proof that something very good is at work.
08/29/08 @ 14:55
Comment from: Aprilshowers [Visitor]
Your description of the lunchroom your husband ate his school lunches in sure brought back memories for me! I can still visualize that big, huge, cavernous room in the basement of the catholic elementary school I attended. I did, however, live close enough to walk home for lunch every day. I longed to be able to carry my lunch and eat it with those that lived too far away to walk home though! I thought they had it made and I was missing out on something really good. Now I work at a company that provides lunches for our customers and I carry my lunch every day because I'm becoming passionate about the BTD. We've been having lunch time discussions about blood types, and it's been fun to share what I'm learning. Still don't have a huge amount of weight loss to prove how really well it's working for me - but I FEEL so much better eating for my blood type. I know the weightloss and other benefits will come too and add to the conversation at the lunch table.
10/01/08 @ 13:50

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