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Comment from: Paula 0+ hunter [Visitor]
So excited about the skin care line! Can't wait to be able to try them....
About colleges, best wishes in your search....My son is finishing up at WPI, his dad's alma mater. We have most experience with western schools though. Have a son (the youngest) going to Chapman University in Orange, (please Lord, no earthquakes for a while) second youngest is a transfer student still looking around for engineering....he's such a introvert.
I really think he's an explorer and he's different from the "marine" and other kids.....It's a difficult process, but once they and you find a place, it will be nice. Have you looked at Bennington. My oldest son's gf just graduated there....looked like a nice school! Best wishes!
08/11/08 @ 20:54
Comment from: Peppermint Twist [Visitor]
My dad's side of the family is Pennsylvania Dutch. His mother was a Hummel from Hummelstown, so they go back many, many generations there and actually founded the town. As a kid, he grew up in Lititz, PA (Lancaster County) and he worked at Hershey's Chocolate Factory. I wish I had asked him to tell me more about his childhood when I had the chance, as I know he would have wanted to tell me all about it. When I was a teenager, he went to the trouble (pre-internet) of researching our family tree and he proudly brought it to me and told me how far back our family goes in America, and he said I could join the Daughters of the American Revolution if I wanted to, or tell them to stuff it, my choice. Well, I didn't show the slightest interest in even looking at the tree, nor did I even say "Thank you, Dad". In fact, I deeply regret to report that I was a horrid, petulent, rapidly-aging BRAT back then and, to top it off, I promptly lost the thing. I lost the hand-drawn and personally researched family tree my dad proudly gave me. I now realize what an opportunity I missed to connect with him, not to mention to learn about my family history. What an unappreciative brat I was. Of course, now I often wish I had that family tree and that I had told my dad thanks for researching it, not to mention that we had looked at it and discussed it together. The lesson is: appreciate your roots and, more importantly, appreciate the family members who care to share them with you. Because of my horrible, flippant 'tude back then, I don't know nearly as much about the fascinating history of my dad's side of the family as I now wish I did. And he will never know that I actually do give a hoot about

Well, now that I've cheered everyone reading this up for the work here is done! It is just too bad that, when I read your lovely words about Lancaster, I don't know more about it, as my family goes way back there. I think many Americans don't know much about their family history beyond their own immediate generation and that is sad.
08/12/08 @ 08:02
Comment from: Robert [Visitor]
I enjoyed all of your comments and narrative here, especially the teenager friendly time frame and the advice that was given by the assistant dean of admissions. "Look me in the eyes" is good advice for anyone at any time.


08/12/08 @ 08:12
Comment from: Marilyn [Visitor]
That is indeed a lovely area. Stacy and I have a real interest in the Civil War since we can see trenches from the upstairs bedroom. After all you have done for me, You and Martha will get the grand tour of 3 battlefields if you ever get to Fredericksburg. Battles of Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Jackson's house where he died, and Spotsylvania Courthouse all happened here. Stacy and I chose to be married 34 years ago on Lee's Hill near our house where Lee watched the Battle of Fredericksburg, and made that famous quote about "War is hell."
08/13/08 @ 10:33
Comment from: Sprocket [Visitor] ·
I really enjoyed reading about your adventures in PA.

Fabulous news about the expansion of the standardized response to critics page. I look forward to reading any new additions.
08/14/08 @ 01:54
Comment from: Mayflowers [Visitor]
"Spent the last week lolling around Lancaster County Pennsylvania, one of my favorite places in the world."

Lovely blog Dr. D! I also love PA! Been to Philly..quite a few times. My ortho is there. I love Gettysburg and Lancaster County (Amish). My son is also starting college.. Hope the Webinar went well.
08/14/08 @ 11:29

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