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Comment from: Stefina [Visitor] · http://www.myspace/stefina1
I was wondering when you were going to snap.

These detractors are clearly hitting to close to home by basically saying your and your father's life work are bunk?

It's not just scholarly factual discorse. It's just really rude.
08/01/08 @ 10:47
Comment from: Diana [Visitor]
“Weil should really do his homework before committing himself to the further erosion of his nutrition credentials.” (Excellent Dr. D)

I am a blood type “A” who’s tried both Dr. Weil’s program (paid to join his website to get Meal plans) and lost no weight or felt any better…and also, who’s tried Dr. Mercola’s recommended
Metabolic Type Diet, which by the way, typed me as high protein meat eater… What? I of course gained weight following that program. The only diet that I actually felt good on, had energy and lost needed weight with is your Blood Type and Genotype Diets…

And, for Dr. Mercola, the Blood Type Diet for “A” is a high vegetable diet with eggs, poultry and fish. The grains are but a small part of the entire program.
08/01/08 @ 11:02
Comment from: Teri-Ann [Visitor]
How very unfortunate that marketing strategies are allowed to have this kind of power, especially with something so important as our health. If it's any consolation, I have never heard of Weil or Mercola until recently and have since checked them both out. Back here in a flash, though, because my personal experience with the diet speaks for itself. No coincidence, just pure science and analyses, doing exactly what the Doc said it should do. But of course one must be intelligent when making food choices, even inside the diet, always ensuring balance, or you will run into problems like Dr. Weil did. Only his self to blame for that, if it was true at all. I also like that there is no hype here and no slamming of others' work. In fact, the BTD/GTD is a compilation and culmination of many outstanding works of science and complements all.
08/01/08 @ 12:54
Comment from: Sprocket [Visitor] ·
Finally Dr. D! You are addressing these woefully uninformed critics. I am so happy about that!
08/01/08 @ 12:56
Comment from: Chris S [Visitor] ·
Thank you Dr. D'Adamo for taking the high road these many years. Your criticisms of the so-called critics is entirely fair. Today's media feeds on conflict and misinformation and the internet has some of the vilest, most ignorant opinion.

Wikipedia is a wonderful experiment in democracy, but it comes down to the law of averages. Like political coverage on TV, the information that people need to make informed decisions is treated as secondary to the argument over who is right. I was pleased to see Dean Ornish declare the diet wars over in his last book and I hope other "diet gurus" can let go of it as well and try to help people. This should be the mission of anyone with knowledge to share.
08/01/08 @ 20:50
Comment from: Mike [Visitor]
I'm suspicious of anyone who hides behind a large beard...Weil could always work at Macy's around Christmas as they are always looking for jolly men. As for Mercola, his "passion is to transform the traditional medical paradigm in the United States"...too bad his paradigm is as stuck as the one he is trying to change.
08/01/08 @ 23:21
Comment from: Andrea AWsec [Visitor]
I just canceled my AARP subscription!

No sense in belonging to a group that allows criticism of others. Haven't they learned anything over all their years?

08/02/08 @ 08:54
Comment from: Ron [Visitor]
I'm glad to see you throw a little Brooklyn fight their way. These guys get no love from me.


Mercola distributing the "Town of Allopath" was great and all, but he can only milk his cred so far with me.
08/03/08 @ 04:07
Comment from: Peppermint Twist [Visitor]
Tell it like it is, Dr. D.

I have recently gotten in touch with my "inner flower child", if you will, and decided that I am no longer going to allow those on the other end of the political spectrum from me to define, frame and/or mischaracterize the debate, let alone go unchallenged in the debate. Lately, I've been all about speaking up.

As a general rule, I think that speaking up sure beats sitting in silence. But then sometimes the opposite is true, as there is just no arguing--no matter how substantively and logically--with some people, so sometimes the old adage "A fool knows little and says much; a wise man knows much and says little" kicks in. But other times? It feels so good to kick some butt and take some names, doesn't it?!

The truth remains standing when all else falls to bits, and that is why the BTD is still a best seller over a decade after its release.

I'm just sayin'.
08/04/08 @ 09:48
Comment from: karen [Visitor] ·
Today is the first time I've actually looked at the details of the blood type diet. It actually follows the logic of eating for one's genetic type in a way that is easy to follow. And some of the foods I'd quit eating because other 'health' plans said my type shouldn't eat- well, looking back, when I did eat these foods in the past I was healthier and felt better than I do now. Am going back to my old ways- the Type A diet will be easy for me to do.
Any one who says type A is high grain hasn't read the plan.
08/08/08 @ 13:40
Comment from: jaynee0 [Visitor]
I like Weil as a person, big beard and all, his values are similar to mine but I have lost faith in his health recommendations...they seem so middle of the road...the GTD has staying power and will last!

08/09/08 @ 12:41
Comment from: rebekah montgomey [Visitor]
Dr. This is a question in regards to the genotype diet. After performing many of the test, my strength test are pretty similar for both explorer and hunter. Interesting that both of these genotypes you say are tasters but I am a non taster so this further confuses me. I am an O , female, with native american, nordic, english heritage. I do not know if I am Rh pos or neg? How can I help myself to get identify myself correctly?
09/02/08 @ 11:01
Comment from: Kevin [Visitor]
I find this article concerning Dr.Mercola a little amusing and at the same time confusing.As a person who wants to improve his general overall health I have read Dr.mercola's writings and watched his videos. In an older video he's preaching the merits of fibre and whole grains. He even labels himself Dr.Fibre, LOL go figure!!! because now he preaches to avoid grains at all costs. same preacher, entirely different sermon! Why can't he remove his old dated videos off of youtube if things have changed?
I'm confused to hear he is blood type A which is primarily how a vegetarian is described. On his website regarding metobolic typing he claims he is a protien, meat eating type which hardly explains what an A is.Hey a lot of us are just average everyday people seeking ot nutrion experts as to improve our lives.When so called nutrion experts are all over the road map with each new wind that blows in, it make it really frustrating to wonder who is giving the right advice. Cheers!
05/06/12 @ 20:37

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