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Comment from: Cathy [Visitor] Email
I had been on Prednisone for over 2 years because my CRP was high. Also my ESR was also high. They told me I had Polymyalgia. I tried to cut down on the Prednisone but my CRP would go up.
I started on the the blood type (I'm A P) and in three weeks I felt so much better that I started weaning myself off the prednisone. After almost 2 months off the prednisone and staying on the diet. I feel great and my CRP is in the normal range. I miss my tomatoes and pickles the most and would love a really good salad dressing without vinegar. It's hard sometimes but well worth being off that RX and pain free.
Thank you.
05/02/09 @ 15:18
Comment from: Tom [Member] Email
Well done for coming off the meds using the blood type diet. You can use lemon juice or yoghurt in a salad dressing instead of vinegar, umeboshi plums or paste is good instead of pickles. You can use kiwis or plums in a salad instead of tomatoes to add some sweetness. Good luck!
06/02/09 @ 02:10

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