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Comment from: Joe [Visitor]
The added confidence will be great, but it won't entirely overcome the ability of someone such as you SIL to "steal" the conversation.

The only thing that will help this is IF he remembers your conversation after another year of failing to meet his goals and asks for more information, probably outside earshot of a submariner...

Enjoy your time at the convention, it will be very beneficial in one-on-one type conversations, etc...
07/23/08 @ 16:12
Comment from: dpcat67 [Visitor] Email
Hi Andrea, I am looking forward to meeting you in Crossville TN. I love your articles and understand the flustration of talking to people and someone losing the opportunity for you to help someone. I am also studying for certification in Oct. Maybe we will get a chance to do a little studying together. I am an A nonnie teacher. I have attended Larry's classes many times as there is so much to learn.
See you in Oct. Donna
07/24/08 @ 18:22
Comment from: Jenny [Visitor] · http://www.weddingsbyjenny.com.au
It is really hard for us, especially if not "A" type personalities (how confusing these descriptions are), and not wanting to push ourselves and our 'belief systems' onto our nearest and dearest. It is a horrible thought that we will only be proven right when they die through preventable diseases.
I am in this situation with both brother and brother in law who are always on the edge of hideous heart and stroke conditions, but who won't listen or even examine my point of view.
I can only hope that they get enough warnings in time to turn the clock back.
07/24/08 @ 21:16

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