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Comment from: Stacie [Visitor]
Dr. D'Adamo, I am a producer for a morning show in Columbus, Ohio. Our host is following this diet and has read your book. He would LOVE to talk to you air this week. After he mentioned it only a time or two he got several e-mails. Would you have a contact number or person I could arrange this with?
07/21/08 @ 18:45
Comment from: Andrea [Visitor]
"Verisimilitude and Malignancy" hope this lecture will be available for health professionals to listen to on the web.

Need someone to cary your books to the Naturopathic Conference? :).

07/22/08 @ 08:06
Comment from: La Verne [Visitor]
I am a 42-year old woman with type 2 diabetes. My blood type is O+, secretor status unknown. I have the book "Diabetes: Fight it with The Blood Type Diet". I have already felt some very positive changes just from increasing the recommended Super Beneficial and Beneficial foods and stopping the Avoid items. I would like to gradually start working some of the Type O supplements into my routine as well. Before doing that, there is something that concerns me. The following web page tells some interesting information about the dangers of fillers used in many health supplements. I noticed that your line of supplements uses some of the same fillers named as dangerous in that article. Please explain your reasoning behind the fillers used in Right 4 Your Type products. Thank You

A check of this site gives me the impression that they are making very much out of nothing. Not all fillers are good; not all fillers are bad. Most NAP compounds use the best quality fillers available. More important all thing like bacteria colony count per gram (especially important in herbals). We check every lot. Tableting supplements is often even worse, since many patients can't digest tablets and complain that they pass through still intake. --PD
07/22/08 @ 14:22

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