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Comment from: Terry [Visitor]
Iam a B blood type vegetarian I eat dairy no eggs either, what is the best source of protein for my body I am presently experiencing alot of inflammtion in knees hips
07/18/08 @ 16:47
Comment from: Dr. C. [Visitor]
Computers, medicine, nutrition, I guess solar energy would be next. I think you should run for president....
07/18/08 @ 18:04
Comment from: D. Tsakiridis [Visitor]
The solution is so easy that the politicians in both parties cannot comprehend it!! Of course, there can be solar farms all over & whatever they cost is worth it in lowering pollution which lowers disease, etc.
Wind farms are also a great idea.
Another things is to reduce, reuse, & then recycle!
We are so wasteful. Let's quit wasting food & other things that take a lot of energy to produce & use.
Even having another Yankee Stadium perplexes me. Didn't they just remodel it 30 years ago? Those type of things should last 200 years. It takes a lot of energy to do construction!! Sure it provides jobs, but how about using the labor to repair & refurbish things that really need it! Don't get me started!!
S S & L,
Mrs "T" O+ :)
07/18/08 @ 18:27
Comment from: Chris S [Visitor] ·
Its hopeful to know that we can generate this much solar. Dr. D'Adamo's comments for a "Manhattan project" of solar energy coincide nicely with Al Gore's comments yesterday about a "Moon Mission" that will shift all domestic electricity to renewables in 10 years. Very realistic goal. Consider that a few Las Vegas entrepreneurs working with government could make Vegas energy independent within the next few years by building a large solar farm in the desert. This would take enormous pressure off the environment immediately without the need for superconducting powerlines run over a long distance.
07/18/08 @ 20:11
Comment from: Lloyd [Visitor]
Current solar capabilities are not as efficient as they will be not too far down the road. Thin film application is already significantly better than the widely used polysilicon technology and there should be an order of magnitude improvement over time.

Many large companies such as Wal Mart are already installing current technology on rooftops (stores, warehouses) and are reducing load during the most critical load period for utilities to generate, the peak load period.

Solar is not the answer by itself. It does provide a solution that takes advantage of 'waste' space, rooftop space on commercial applications.
07/18/08 @ 20:15
Comment from: Adam [Visitor]
I am a B blood type, lacto-ovo vegetarian (9 years), male, 36. I'm not sure protein will help with your inflammation. On the other hand, good sources of vegetarian protein are eggs, beans & brown rice, and tofu from my own research. I personally seldom eat eggs and consist largely on beans & brown rice and frequently tofu and soy. I do not have inflammation in knees or hips or elsewhere. My last fasting blood test shows low water, salt, iron ( may be congenital), thyroid, and testosterone. When I say low, I mean out of range (which, I believe is probably set by averages of the carnivorous population).

Based on your response, I suspect you or one of your parents was an English teacher, that, you are suffering from some kind of arthritis and were a jogger. Your doctor diagnosed your inflammation (or you confuse inflammation with pain).

(I'm not affiliated with this D'adamo guy or website).

Since you probably do not have rheumatoid arthritis (you would have probably not posted this question in relation to your inflammation), this inflammation is indicative where the largest mass of bone exists in the body. Some things you should check: Enough Calcium/Vitamin D/Sun?, Spinach or Alpha Lipoic Acid? (take ALA anyway); statistically, you are likely a female going through menopause (men-on-pause?) but that's not necessarily true.

This is not to be ignored and I would recommend a bone density test (cheap thing to do). From the B blood type diet I suspect the vegetarian way is not congruous, but dairy products are very beneficial (lactose-free milk if you need it).

Ultimately, more information is needed based on your question to know for certain.

I recommend seeing a traditional, board-certified, internal medicine physician, and getting a blood-test. From there you will be more well equipped to understand your own, personal condition. Ultimately, we are all genetically different--even identical twins due to methylation of DNA from environmental differences.

Equip yourself. Best of luck.

07/19/08 @ 00:32
Comment from: m.giovanna.fiorentino [Visitor] Email
If only governments were so careful and considerate to follow this sound scientific approach to help the planet !!!
We should use all the solar and wind energy at disposition.
07/19/08 @ 05:30
Comment from: Mike Staffieri [Visitor]
Mark Jacobson, a professor of civil engineering at Stanford, argues that of all the renewable energies, wind is the most cost-competitive with fossil fuels Once the infrastructure is in place, wind energy is virtually inflation proof.The costs are high to get there; total 3.5 trillion for energy independence but the costs would be recovered in a short period of time.

There are potentially 72 terawatts of wind power available on earth - at least 5 times what is needed to satisfy all the world's demand for power...this would require 1.4 to 2 million wind turbines (bit of an eye sore?)

With wind as with solar, there would be a huge savings to health costs and I look forward to the day when it is cost effective for everyday people to trap their own energy and sell it to the grid The days of energy barons may be over and the serfs will rise once again.

07/19/08 @ 20:35
Comment from: wit [Visitor]
See this comment on solar power and Gore on David Frum,s blog
07/21/08 @ 10:20
Comment from: Chris S [Visitor] ·
I looked at the National Review article expecting it would be critical. There's no doubt there isn't a single alternative energy that is ideal in every application. It does seem clear that using a mobile fuel like fuel oil (very similar to diesel) makes little sense in fixed locations like homes when fossil fuels are so rapidly dwindling. Geothermal would be a great option for my home in Wisconsin with a large yard for a geothermal loop, hot summers, and cold winters. The ground's constant temperature combined with a heat pump/ac unit makes it a very efficient opttion year-round.

But a conversation with my friend Mike alerted me that this system isn't universally appealing. His cabin is set into a hill and is cool year-round. A solar thermal system with radiant floor heating to keep it above freezing combined with a fireplace for when he is there is a better option.

And when I mentioned to him my plan to start a restaurant with a central oven, he mentioned masonry stoves, which send exhaust from a central oven sideways through the floor like a Roman bath, using all the heat energy and sequestering the creosote before venting.

As T. Boone Pickens points out, there's lots of wind in Texas and he's making a profit tapping into it there. He's running national ads at his own expense to make getting off foreign oil the number 1 campaign issue.

Imagine how silly America will look if we drill in environmentally sensitive areas, getting them online in 5 to 10 years and then find the alternatives have become far more competitive on the open market. Its like GM trying to get rid of the Hummer brand and drastically cutting back while Toyota builds new US plants to make the fuel-efficient cars people want to buy.

The world and the economy are changing. There are a lot of sustainable and economically advantageous options if you think locally.

Going off-topic, this discussion of type B vegetarianism is really interesting, because I am Type B, was vegetarian for a while, but I failed to Crohn's Disease. For me the best things have been avoiding wheat, eating fish oil (or another Omega-3 supplement), reduction of refined carbs (especially sugar and corn syrup), and exercise. Remember, our bodies produce natural steroids, and there are non-jarring forms or exercise for everyone (biking, swimming, yoga, etc).
07/23/08 @ 14:48
Comment from: Sarah [Visitor] Email ·
You are SOFA KING smart!!!
07/24/08 @ 23:21

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