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Comment from: accidental_chef [Visitor]
Bec, I hope you recover soon! Another Gatherer leaving the camp ;-)!

Are there any TCM (tradional chinese machine)practitioners in your area? Well worth a visit.

Keep well!
20/06/08 @ 01:55
Comment from: italybound [Visitor]
Hi Bec, sorry you're feeling poorly.
Some time back, I got bronchitis, took the antibiotics, the bronchitis cleared up but the cough never did. I had that cough for 2-1/2 months. yes, months. I feel your pain. Every night I wound up having to take a narcotic cough syrup to sleep. At first I would go to bed w/o taking it. Inevitably I would have to get up and take it anyway. I visited a Chinese dr and he gave me my 'potions' LOL. When after only 4 days on the stuff, the cough disappeared and hasn't returned, I was happy as a lark!! If you want the name of what I used, PM me. Hope you are better soon. :-)
23/06/08 @ 08:32

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