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Comment from: D. Tsakiridis [Visitor]
Keep us posted! We are pulling for you. Can you put a brief post on Little Fishes, so those of us who pray can know about the situation?
Just say that you are asking for prayer in a divorce situation. We can get the message without too many details. :)

My parents were sepatated for most of my childhood, and I know it really hurts not knowing what is going on or what will happen. I am 60 years old, but once in a while, I can see how not having a dad most of my childhood affects me. [The happy ending is that he lived with us (in another apt. in our 2-flat) for over 25 years 'on the other end' - ages 60something to 90, so I got him back & my kids had a grandpa!] One never knows how things will end up. Try to do your best & be as civil as you can, but ask us for prayer!
Mrs "T"
06/17/08 @ 08:07
Comment from: italybound [Visitor]
Hey Deborah,
That waterpark sounds like a blast!!!
Glad you guys had so much fun
The nesting divorce idea sounds great if it could be worked out. If it comes to pass.....may I suggest taking the money for the apt or whatever, that you or he stays out when the other is at the house, out of the joint kitty?
I do hope you will be able to work things out for the best of the children. That is a very hard thing to do. I feel your pain. When I divorced my husband, he 'divorced' my daughter. It has been detrimental in her life. I hope your husband proves to be a better man and father.
I love your attitude. It will be a huge benefit to your children.
Blessings to all of you. Hugs, Pat
06/17/08 @ 08:43
Comment from: Melissa [Member] Email
Wow, your boys are 5 and 8 now! I look forward to that day, especially after a road trip with a fussy 2 year old, and a more patient 5 year old.

I'm glad you're all dry and safe. That nesting idea sounds like a good one, I can see how that would be a lot easier for the kids.
06/17/08 @ 12:27
Comment from: annesae [Visitor]
I know a woman whose husband can’t hold a job and won’t support his family. She wishes she had a husband like yours who worked hard. I know a woman whose husband is an alcoholic. She would gladly trade her husband for one whose vice is junk food. I know a woman whose husband cheats on her. She could put up with lots of inconveniences if she knew he was faithful.

Your children are 5 and 8. You have been unhappy for 6 years. Have you looked into whether you have a hormone imbalance or lingering post partum depression?

You are living with a roommate in a rented room, working as the unpaid childcare provider for your own children in your own home. Are you in a better position than you were before?

I would recommend two books to you:
Lord Change Me by Evelyn Christinson
Reconcilable Differences by Jim Talley
06/19/08 @ 16:56

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