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Comment from: Grace [Visitor] · http://Kholofelal@webmail.com
I am a South African black lady, my problem is my hair is dark brown, fair and does't grow bigger. What can I do?
06/12/08 @ 05:11
Comment from: Square Peg [Visitor] · http://square--peg.blogspot.com
Thank you for sharing this interesting info. Do you suppose there any evolutionary advantages to having a certain eye color?

Also, I came across a thread in the BTD forum in which a few O "nonnies" wrote that they have green eyes.

All the best!
06/12/08 @ 21:32
Comment from: Hugh [Visitor]
Question to anyone in the know. Would the formation of blood blisters on the tongue appearing quite near the cessation of eating a particular food be an example of agglutination of lectins? If so, could this temporary affliction be used to determine or confirm a genotype given two choices of type after using the intermediate genotype calculator?
06/17/08 @ 09:27
Comment from: Melissa [Member] Email
My oldest son has the simplest explanation for why he has very brown eyes while his parents have green-hazel and blue-hazel eyes and his little brother has blue eyes... since he was born first he took all the brown and didn't leave any for his little brother :)

Eye color is a bit more complicated than most people know, but I like his explanation best.
06/18/08 @ 00:38
Comment from: Marilyn [Visitor]
Dr. D

Just thought you'd be interested in something my husband always said about red heads. He felt they bled more than any other patient during surgergy deliveries etc.

06/26/08 @ 20:06

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