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Comment from: Henriette [Visitor]
Hugs to you :X
I know how hard it is for B (sec + nons) to move on to the the GTD - and while I would have loved to go GTD full time it simply doesn´t work for me.
BUT I do use all the new easy superfoods:
like asparagus,peas, apples, pine nuts and macadamia nut etc ON TOP on my B bennies

06/09/08 @ 03:34
Comment from: loraine [Member] Email
Hi Linda, I hope you feel much better soon. Why not make gradual changes once you feel better. Until then, enjoy the plan you know and love, it's worked well for you up to now and I'm sure you can move across to the Explorer way of eating once you're ready.

It's not a race, there are no winners or losers. Make the change when the time is right for you. In the meantime I do hope the pain eases for you, I have spinal problems and can empathise.

06/09/08 @ 05:43
Comment from: Sandra Kallander [Visitor] ·
Post-surgical pain seems to me to come from at least two sources: the actual pain of injured tissue, and a feed-back loop involving the brain and nerves: almost like the nervous system expressing outrage.

I have had immediate relief from the latter type of pain (60 seconds) by using LifeWave energy patches, applied to the center of the pain (tan patch) and to the center of the chest (white patch), or by accupuncture (the patches function like needleless accupuncture). My advice if the pain seems to involve deep aching nerve pain rather than pain limited to the injury, is not to suffer or cover it up, but see an accupuncturist or try the patches. In the cases where it worked for me, the pain was relieved immediately and did not come back. You have to hit the "reset" button to turn it off. Accupuncture seems to do that. (I suspect this is similar to phantom limb pain.)
06/11/08 @ 15:05

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