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Comment from: Jenny [Visitor] ·
Straight from the heart, so moving!
Many thanks, Jenny
05/29/08 @ 17:33
Comment from: Ann [Visitor] ·
Oprah did promote and try the 'Blood Type diet', but without success, unfortunately!
I use the D'Adamo diet since many years, using additional supplements to balance the diet. I can assure you that only 'strong characters' can follow-up the 'eat right 4 your type-advices' for a lifetime! It is complicated when you travel (abroad), when you have to dinner with clients, when you live in an area where biological food is hard to find, when no-one around you is living following their own nature!
I believe in nature, but very few people do and the (industrial-minded) society is not willing to go back to scratch and to the source of things. Most of them live their lives in the most easy way, without sensibility for their own nature, without honesty, without the good intuition. They have no time nor take the time to consider a balanced life or a balanced meal. People without hidden agenda are hard to find. So keep it like that and you will blossom. Ciao. Ann
05/30/08 @ 07:02
Comment from: eileen [Visitor] Email
Good for you to live your own new life and to stick with it. I too have a large family with many similar health/weight issues. We also almost lost our Mother last year and I was fortunate enough to change her diet for 3 months because so was so ill. She is now a new woman, losing 2 lbs. a week with no exercise (she's 70), no longer on meds, no longer tied to the house because of the bathroom, no longer in pain daily because of arthritis... I could go on and on. I've been following the diet for 1.5 years and have none of the issues I lived with for years. Of course we can't get Dad to follow or believe and can't get my sister to just commit to it for 3 months. After that amount of time you are sold for life. Don't let your family drag you back to your old lifestyle. Maybe one day they will come to you for advice and you can help.
06/01/08 @ 13:23
Comment from: Cocky van Hesteren [Visitor] ·
Hi Andrea! Yes, you are an A as I am. Really your story to your beloved ones really strikes me.. I recognize myself in your story. What I have learnt, is that people grasp the BTD or GTD when they are ready for it, and that may take a life time or even more than that to grasp it. Most people never do, sadly. And until that moment you have to be the spectator. And being a spectator is not a role you or I like to play. I want to help people to get healthy, but... it takes 2 to reach that goal. Cocky A+ Teacher
08/16/08 @ 04:18

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