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Comment from: Paula 0+ hunter [Visitor]
Wow Andrea, great blog! I think that changing food habits is probably one of the hardest things, and yet
has the most possibility for great return. My Dad is italian, his mother died young (60) from diabetic complications also from the poor immigrant pasta diet they ate. He is currently in the hospital with diabetes and nasal/bleeding problems. My german mother couldn't really achieve the diet change that I think was needed. My two brothers who still live at home have the large bellies my dad has. It is diet and maybe environment. All three of the men are blood type A. My mom and the siblings who are out of the house and have families of their own are all type O's....makes me wonder.
Anyway, I really enjoyed reading your blog today, thanks, and keep up the good work in your own family.....!
05/08/08 @ 19:35

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