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Comment from: Jenny Grierson [Visitor] · http://www.weddingsbyjenny.com.au
Hi Deborah,
I've entered my diamond soup that I'll be starting in a few moments, on the diamond weekly thread on the Genotype section --14 points, and ready for constant use for many days.
I'm very excited about the concept of diamond shopping and at last am getting a handle on small levels of weight loss.
I have lots more energy these days but still occasionally find that I need a day out to recover where I virtually go to bed for the day and catch up on my reading.That's my version of relaxation.
05/05/08 @ 18:28
Comment from: Ribbit [Visitor]
Deborah, maybe you have blogged on this before and I missed it. But I'd really like to enjoy running. How do you follow Chi principles? What are they? Running has always left me feeling terrible, even if I ran every day for a month (which I did in my highschool years when my O brother "forced" me to). :) Will you share?
05/07/08 @ 10:13
Comment from: Robin [Visitor] Email
Balance in our bodies...yes we all need it. How to find that, I know is in our foods and eating right for the body, the way God intended. But peace and relaxation. There is only one way to do that. That is through our Lord Jesus Christ. He is our Peace, He is our everything. Even our balance. It says in His word that He gives Peace that passes all understanding. He is the one I meditate on and I am at peace, I am relaxed.
05/12/08 @ 15:37

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