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Comment from: Jenny Grierson [Visitor] · http://www.weddingsbyjenny.com.au
Hi Andrea,
Your blog resonated with me very much and for similar reasons; I have been a reluctant semi-vegetarian for a long time, but have disliked being pushed into a slot; however on the A diet it was easy to give up red meat, and keep chicken as a meaty treat and it certainly made eating out relatively easy. However over the past few years I was having discomfort in the upper right abdomen, just below the ribs, and eventually had a colonoscopy and gastroscopy to see if I had something really bad there, and all they could say was that I had an unknown irritation (!!!) About that time I read that chicken can irritate the bile duct (where did I read that?), so tried eliminating chicken and guess what? yes, that appears to be the irritant.
So now as a Warrior I am a fishy vegetarian and going very well. Eating out is a laugh-- I had a full Greek salad recently all for myself which looked like the kind of platter you would put out at a barbeque for 12 people to share.Vietnamese vegetables with tofu seem to be ok.
Thanks for your blog
05/02/08 @ 17:20

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