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Comment from: adam [Visitor]
Hi, pain meds are short-term. Long-term pain requires unusual help. You are very bright. I empathize with you.

hmmmmmm, let me consider....

You say you experience pain in your legs. It is important to know whether the pain is below the knee or not. I recommend getting to a pain specialist.

Be honest, observe your thoughts, and the normal ones you may avoid. Notice that you can observe your thoughts ("I just thought this guy is an internet poster who anonymously says things that may or may not be helpful, but I must be careful of charlatans"), recognizing and responding to pain. Pain can be fatiguing, but it doesn't necessarily mean suffering.

Without knowing more about your condition I cannot respond, but do not dawdle, your condition requires and can be remedied by professionals.

Again, pain-meds are short-term (only two weeks), after that, you are in a world of hurt, suffering, strife, etc. due to the effects. More is required continually, etc.


07/19/08 @ 00:45

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