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Comment from: Rosey [Visitor]
Haha! I'm not surprised! Apologies to all fridge-trained hubbies out there, but I think many DHs left to their own devices will "go native".
Just one thing - don't you lose any more weight, or you'll fall down a drain if you turn sideways (as my mum says);->
Glad you got back safely. :->
26/04/08 @ 22:16
Comment from: Anne (printenna) [Visitor]
hahahahaa I am not surprised too LOL! My DH had some vegetarian sweet sour "pork"/glutton and after dinner, he told me he's got a groggy head. So now, he totally believes he is what he eats and going to be as compliant as he can. LOL!
06/05/08 @ 05:29

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