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Comment from: Ribbit [Visitor]
I hear ya. Living in the middle of the city, choosing to buy good food instead of redoing my house, homeschooling when one of the best elementary schools is within walking distance, growing peas instead of peonies. Another weird, determined, alien Warrior here, an anomaly to my neighbors.
04/27/08 @ 21:52
Comment from: dpcat67 [Visitor] Email
Hang in there Andrea. I feel the same way sometimes. I have thought I always danced to my own tune but find that I am a nonnie and we are all not so different. As I jokingly told our Eat Righter's group "I spent 65 years getting out of the kitchen and now you have put me right back in it". That was three years ago and I love every minute of it and share what I am learning with other just starting the program in my cooking classes. YOU ARE NOT AN ALIEN but a very special person who cares enough about your family to do the best for them. Please continue what you are doing and know we support you.
04/28/08 @ 07:35

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