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Comment from: Edwina [Visitor]
Wow! What a wonderful explanation! Thanks for taking the time to explain this to us - we're more or less like school children, you know.

Talk about a great "skin," this new Yerba Mate' Tea is providing just what I needed today! Had a very blue AM because of circumstances that have come up, and this stuff (I got my first this morning) is providing just the amount of relief I so desperately needed. I like this "skin" very much, thank you. I think its color might be more in the pink palette! (smile)
04/24/08 @ 14:56
Comment from: Myrna [Visitor] Email ·
Love your metaphoric explanation of BTD and GTD. You've always said that eating beneficial foods always takes precedence over avoiding avoid foods.

It's still difficult to get myself to eat avocado after 10 yrs of running away from it.

Maybe I will try it tomorrow.:)

I am going to 'twitter' this post. Not sure how many will understand what you're talking about. This is getting to be a very unique and select group(BTDers and GTDers)

It's not like people can't catch up if their interst is awakened.
04/24/08 @ 21:41
Comment from: Gillian [Visitor]
Interesting. Back in the day, when we had card decks (and later their virtual equivalents) individuals could customize a program by using what we called "overrides" . So the teacher diet is overriding the A diet. Teachers are accessorizing their basic outfit with a cancer-smothering shawl and Warriors are wearing a heart-shaped necklace (okay, the guys have heart-shaped tattoos!)
04/24/08 @ 23:37
Comment from: Henriette [Visitor]
How interesting.
What about B types ??? :-D
what is the different focus for ( Gatherer)Explorer and Nomad?
While I find the B diet so easy and homely I have had a terribly time to adjust to explorer diet
04/25/08 @ 03:50
Comment from: Donna [Visitor]
Thank you Dr. D. I have really been confused as to what plan to follow as they turned out so different. I have been on the BTD for about 3 years and I love the foods listed on the GTD teather plan but have been a little undecided to change. This has helped me decide that the teacher diet is for me. See you at the conference.
04/25/08 @ 08:13
Comment from: smile [Visitor]
I've just finished your book er4ybt and also just starting to follow your guidelines listed there. I liked the whole concept that I've shared this to my whole family including aunts and uncles. One of which has colon cancer at the moment.

I've been trying to find where I can ask you some questions. I don't know if I'm allowed to do so here.

Anyway, I'm confused about your very specific instruction on the book that one should avoid coconut oil at all costs. But in the past year or so, I've been hearing of so many people getting better if not healed by taking the virgin coconut oil. How can that be? Could there be new findings in the last few years that was not there in the writing of your book? I would greatly appreciate if you can clarify this.

This is not really a place for questions; but the BTD FORUMS has had lots of discussion about coconut oil over the years. Suffice it to say that it is good in some folks, not in others. ---Dr. D
04/25/08 @ 09:14
Comment from: paula 0+ hunter [Visitor]
I would love to see the illustration for an explorer, hunter, and nomad. I think it is more helpful for us
left handed people to see it like that! Very interesting!
04/25/08 @ 13:18
Comment from: Carolyn [Visitor]
What a great way to teach us Dr D. I showed my Type A Teacher husband the graphs and it was so easy to understand - hopefully this will get him more "on board". I'd love to see more of these for all the Genotypes but I'm probably dreaming.

Doesn't hurt to dream - does it? :-)
04/26/08 @ 19:57
Comment from: Rhonda [Visitor] Email
Good Morning - First time poster here....

I have A RH Negative blood (red headed)and I am looking for any information on what I should be concentrating on in my diet, my weight is ok but could use some thinning out...My son has muscular dystrophy duchenes and we are wondering what types of foods or proteins that we should ensure that he gets. Im sorry I cannot remember if my son has RH Negative or RH positive.

Any help is greatly appreciated.....Rhonda
05/01/08 @ 10:25
Comment from: meribelle [Visitor] Email
Having been away for a week or two, it is so good to come back to a blog that I can understand. It never fails to get me back on track, which happens to be the gatherer one in my case, when I read Dr. D's blogs.

I think I like this gatherer skin. It is somewhat different than the O nonnie one that I was wearing.

God Bless!
05/04/08 @ 15:00
Comment from: BethXena [Visitor] Email
I am now into my third month of eating for my blood type. A newbie to some of you who have been doing this for a long time. I stumbled upon the book in research for a risk in my health.

In 10/07 I was diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma of the cervix. This lead to a cone biopsy, then total hysterectomy (12/07). That said, I decided once I had recovered to find ways to ensure my health or do what I thought would be best. Since most doctors/internists promote drugs versus herbs or alternative measures, I thought to do this on my own.

The whole concept made sense to me and ironically the food items that I am to avoid, I was diagnosed years ago as being allergic to those very same foods. Makes you think, there IS something to this concept.

I am an A+. I have no clue of my Genotype, I just found about this info today! That should be my next step probably.

In addition to the Adenocarinoma, I have HBP (mainly heredity, since I was 29) Now 41, I am on an herb mix to control it along with dropping more weight. My BMI and scale weight is not where I'd like and I know reducing this would only make my health that much better.

Since this latest news in regards to my health, what other measures do you feel I should take, if any?

I do not smoke or drink. Allergies in the alcohol area, and really, truth be told, I want to keep all my brain cells and the taste is not one I fancy.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

Have to admit, it's odd and enlightening to read about the A's and think, crap, I have these very things he wrote about that A's typically deal with. It's almost like someone got in your head and took a peak.

Regardless, the lesson has been good and one that I am continuing practicing. I have lost about 8pds, a record for this girl compared to any other "diets" I tried.

I just really don't want this Adenocarcinoma to spread, since it is a tricky, stealth like monster.

Having this all puts you in an odd spot and makes me swing from being fine, to not so fine.

Hard to explain.

Anyhow. Just wondering if anyone else has seen the benefit to adjusting to the Genotype plan as well, and is a type A. Just curious the differences or even benefits to doing both or not.

07/08/08 @ 17:38

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