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Comment from: Melissa_J [Visitor]
5 years! Wow. I'm lucky if I go two months without being glutened. (I eat out too often) I've learned that if they make one mistake, then they are probably too mixed up to trust. The list of foods is a great idea.

My favorite restaurant in Tokyo was a Chinese place with a waitress who spoke very good english (and Chinese and Japanese)... one person who understands can make all the difference.
18/04/08 @ 18:19
Comment from: Jenny [Visitor] · http://www.foodallergysingapore.org
Hi Bec,
I came across your site via and am wondering if you need some names of restaurants that some of our truly (life-threatening type) food allergic individuals have tried and found that it has worked for them. Sorry to hear about the 'fried fish' deal!

Glad you're liking Singapore. It took me four years to call this 'home' :D ... AND to acclimate to the heat!

19/04/08 @ 00:44

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