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Comment from: Kenneth Green [Visitor] Email · http://www.greenremedies.com
Dear Rebecca,
Glad I found your page! What do know about the new Geno diet? I think Peter has blown a fuse (probably too much Irish Moss in his diet!) The Geno diet is the equivalent of David Beckham supporting football.
How can foods which are avoids under blood type suddenly become beneficials under geno type?
I'm a type A+S. Blue cheese has been a poison to me since birth, and is a no-no in the blood type diet. How can it suddenly become beneficial just because I fit Peter's 'Teacher' pattern? I am still the same blood type!
In Peter's example on line, he has a lady he calls 'Jane Public' who is Type O-NS, long torso, upper leg, and index fingers. According to his book this for a woman means 'Gatherer' type. But he labels her 'Explorer' which is for men according to the book. It doesn't make sense. Is the book full of typos or just for nutters?
There is also the problem of Carrageenan being an avoid, but Irish Moss being okay. In fact they are the same thing.
I look forward to your reply,

-Hi Ken, The example of Jane Public was just a prototype; it is not a real person. The setting are just random switches that I threw. It should not be taken literally at all. ---P
17/04/08 @ 07:36

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