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Comment from: GillianR [Visitor]
Here is an interesting book on goods produced in China. It is a fascinating , true story and one of the main reasons I haven’t shopped at certain stores (for years) and why I do look for goods not made in China.

Troublemaker:: One Man’s Crusade Against China’s Cruelty
by Harry Wu

When I shop at stores I ask if they carry Canadian goods and if I notice that they carry them I always comment about it to the staff.

Interestingly , many store people tell me that lots of people are asking the same questions.
04/20/08 @ 06:53
Comment from: Suzanne [Visitor]
I agree with NOT buying everything from China. Thanks for the list of Non-MIC toys, Bernadette. I would like to add: LEGO DUPLO and Block N Roll (a system that fits DUPLO so you can turn your Legos into really fun marble runs and mazes) receive the most play time at our house. They are played with every day, by us, our preschool girl and our 6th grade boy. The best toys we ever bought, made in Europe (Lego) and the U.S.A. (Block N Roll).
04/20/08 @ 06:54
Comment from: Myrna [Visitor] ·
Again, you are my hero as my eyes water(not from allergies). I wanted to Digg your post but there is no digg link. I’m going to link it to twitter. Hey, do you know twitter? It can get real obsessive but alot of people and alot to learn.
04/20/08 @ 06:55
Comment from: Italybound [Visitor]
quoted from Dr D’s blog: {We in the US are being lulled and seduced into over-purchasing inexpensive goods from China, which destroy our local industries,}

This is a real sore spot for me. In our industry, it is practically putting us out of business. So much is gotten from overseas because it’s cheap, cheap, cheap. Not just price wise, but quality wise. Yet their customers don’t care. We wonder why the economy here is getting poorer????? As Edwina says, yes, China is making some serious money off us. Yes, we need to stop giving it to them. Only making a true conscious choice not to buy from China is going to make a difference. Sometimes it’s easy to think “I’m only one person”, but if enough “one persons” make this same decision, then it speaks volumes.
Every time I call a company and I get someone overseas, it boils my blood. Now I know they need to make a living too, BUT, let’s keep our business and our money in our own country or pretty soon, we won’t have one left to call our own.
Andrea, thanks for the heads up on that Vancomycin. Wow! My husband just went thru a long round w/ that stuff a few mths back. That is scary!
bernadette, thanks for the link for buying toys other than from China!!!!
mateo, I agree on the air fresheners. I haven’t bought them in a very long time. I was surprised to see that in Dr. D’s blog.
Edwina, you better sleep w/ one eye open at night. You never know when the mites are coming to get you! :-))) I just saw on Oprah the other day about people who have night terrors. One gal always dreams about bugs attacking her. OMG, I be screaming too!!! It was a very interesting show and explained why night terrors happen.
04/20/08 @ 06:56

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