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Comment from: Edna (Peppermint Twist) [Visitor]
Hi, Cassandra! How wonderful to read about how much you are loving being pregnant! As for the challenging bits, hang in there. Interesting (to me, anyway) about the nosebleeds, as I've known for a while that they can be a side effect of pregnancy, and I have a prob with them anyway, so at least that is one thing to be thankful about re NOT being pregnant. I don't know if this sugg will help you since your nosebleeds are not caused by dry air, but just in case they might be helped by a little humidity, you may wish to get a warm-mist humidifier for your bedroom, just to help your nose heal up and make you more comfy while this lot is going on. It'll all be worth it, as I know you know, once the little one comes out. Keep us posted on your pregnancy, I'm so happy for you and I know that everyone else in the BTD community is as well. Take it easy!
04/18/08 @ 12:24
Comment from: Anne [Visitor]
Dear Cassandra,

How nice to hear you are pregnant! I am as well expecting for July... How are you??
My other child (Diego) will be 4 years old on August 5th.

We still live in Basel (Switzerland) -
Are you still in California?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

05/06/08 @ 14:58

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