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I know I'm going waaaay back to this blog, so hopefully you'll get this post...

I just saw the documentary "Encounters at the End of the World" by Werner Herzog and in the film he interviews a man who is part American Indian (can't remember what tribe) who has some very interesting fingers. His D2 is exceptionally short (such that the DIP of D2 is in line with the PIP of D3!) and his D4 is exceptionally long (such that it matches D3). Overall, this means that when he adducts his fingers, D3 and D4 are identical and D2 and D5 on either side are identical and it forms a symmetrical shape. According to him, this is a feature of Aztec descendents.

I'm assuming that this must either be a specific genetic trait of Aztecs or some strong epigenetic influence that pushes the D2:D4 ratio extremely low.

Needless to say, this was the most interesting part of the whole film for me and so I've been trying to find into about this feature with no luck. I was just wondering if you have seen/heard of this before and if you know where I can go read more?
07/04/08 @ 17:19

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